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Do you want to add unique value to your sports area, health club or public park?
ChampionChip - ChampionChip TimePoint

People participate in sports to stay healthy and fit. They time their training to improve themselves. And no matter who they are, rookie or pro, when people train, nothing beats the real thing. Athletes want good clothing, the finest running shoes, skates or bikes and ultimately, they want the most accurate systems to track their results. So, how about offering sports participants their lap times, up in lights along the track just like the pros? Now you can, with a ChampionChip TimePoint.

Based on the world leading ChampionChip technology, ChampionChip TimePoint offers a permanent timing system installed at your sports area. The system is connected to a TimePoint display on which athletes can see their name, lap time and total running time right away. They can also keep track and organize their personal results and performances on www.MyChampionChip.com. Through this website athletes are part of an international community of chip owners. A TimePoint brings your public park, sports area, health club or hotel international word of mouth attention and will attract extra visitors and guests to your site.

How does it work?

The moment an athlete passes the installed antennas, the chip sends a code and the recorded time to the TimePoint reader. The code and time are immediately displayed and are also logged to a personal webpage at www.MyChampionChip.com. Your ChampionChip TimePoint will be part of a worldwide network of TimePoints. Once a TimePoint is installed, an athlete with his own personal chip can start his or her training sessions and workouts wherever and whenever he or she wants. Several TimePoints can be installed and connected within a sports area.

To learn more about purchasing a TimePoint for your club, school, hotel, park etc,
please email [email protected]

The TimePoint Advantage

  • Add unique value to your sports area, health club or public park
  • Attract athletes, visitors and guests to your sports area
  • Increase recreational sports participation and help battle obesity
  • Define several tracks of varying distance on one TimePoint system
  • Promote and present the sports area at www.MyChampionChip.com
  • Show commercial messages or sponsor names on the display
  • Gain insight into user statistics
  • Sell chips and generate extra cash flow



You can use a TimePoint for:
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Skating
  • Nordic skiing
  • And many other active sports
TimePoint can be installed at:
  • Public parks
  • Swimming pools
  • Athletic tracks
  • Hotel sports areas
  • Sports facilities etc.

TimePoint Movie

The TimePoint movie is available in various formats. Right-click a link below and choose 'Save target as' to store the TimePoint movie on your computer.

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