Provisional Timing Results

Timing results of only those confirmed half marathon elite men runners who have started their race at 6:40 a.m. and have crossed the finish line by 9:40 a.m. have been featured here.

Ranking of runners are based on gun time.

Where bib timing data is not reflected on all timing check points on race route, including the start and finish timing points, ranking of such runners will appear as N/A (Not Applicable).

Please click on your bib number for details on your timing results.

These timing results and rankings are provisional results. Runners found to have interchanged their bib tag and/or running number bibs will be disqualified from this race and the subsequent edition of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

Results will be finalised post dope test results and verification.
Bib Number 28070
Name Tanvir Kazmi
Gender Male
Team Rank 11 / 83 Teams
Category Rank 19 /
Gender Rank 19 /
[email protected] Km 00:14:21 Avg. Pace 04:47, Avg. Speed 12.56 Kmph
[email protected] Km 00:24:08 Avg. Pace 04:49, Avg. Speed 12.44 Kmph
[email protected] Km 00:48:19 Avg. Pace 04:50, Avg. Speed 12.42 Kmph
[email protected] Km 00:52:23 Avg. Pace 04:51, Avg. Speed 12.37 Kmph
[email protected] Km 01:08:03 Avg. Pace 04:52, Avg. Speed 12.35 Kmph
[email protected] Km 01:23:09 Avg. Pace 04:53, Avg. Speed 12.27 Kmph
[email protected] Km 01:38:38 Avg. Pace 04:56, Avg. Speed 12.17 Kmph
Net Time 01:44:15 Average Pace 04:58, Average Speed 12.09 kmph
Team Aggregate Time 06:00:36

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